Pension Release for over 55s
Get Tax Free Cash from your Pension
What is pension release?

Pensions Release is the term used for taking the benefits from your pension before you retire, or before the full term of the pension is up. You can take up to 25% of the value of your pension, completely Tax Free, as a cash lump sum to spend however you like.

You can get TAX FREE CASH from your Pension

If you have a private or old company pension and you are aged 55 or over* with over £15,000 in your fund (s). Pension Release could be the answer. This service does not apply to State Pensions.

*You have to be 55 or over to release funds from your pension, this is a government requirement, you cannot release funds from your pension if you are under 55.

With every pension policy you are allowed to take up to 25% of the fund as Tax FREE cash at the specified retirement date. With Pension Release you may be able to take that money at an earlier stage. Indeed it may be possible to get a little more than this, and because this is money you have already invested you will not have to make any repayments or monthly premiums.

FREE No obligation investigation

We will carry out a FREE, NO OBLIGATION investigation to help you to decide if Pension Release is right for you. We are a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised and regulated company.

Our friendly team of expert advisers will provide you with all the information you need to help you make an informed decision, and ensure you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of early pension release.

You are under NO OBLIGATION at any stage and we only get paid if you proceed to release funds from your pension with us.

! It isn't right for everyone

It is worth pointing out that the whole purpose of making contributions to pension schemes is to provide an income during retirement. It is therefore important to be aware that releasing your pension benefits early could reduce your income and your standard of living at retirement. This is why pension release is only suitable for a limited number of people and circumstances and shouldn’t be seen as an easy way to raise cash. is a website operated by The Slice Ltd for Independent Pension Specialists Ltd, which is an Appointed Representative of Buryfield Grange Ltd, which is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Pension Release
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